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A retrospective cross-sectional study to determine chirality status of registered medicines in Tanzania Kissa W. Mwamwitwa, Raphael M. Kaibere, Adam M. Fimbo, Wilber Sabiiti, Nyanda E. Ntinginya, Blandina T. Mmbaga, Danstan H. Shewiyo, Morven Caroline Shearer, Andrew David Smith, Eliangiringa A. Kaale
Scientific Reports 2020 vol. 10
Agile development of an anatomy curriculum in a new graduate-entry medicine degree. Ian Geoffrey Parkin, Enis Cezayirli, Ourania Varsou, Fraser Chisholm, Andrew Stephen O'Malley
Journal of Anatomy 2020 pp. 1-364
Development of Task Oriented Practicals (TOPs) to encourage active learning in anatomy. Tomasz Cecot, J Yang, Andrew Stephen O'Malley
Journal of Anatomy 2020 vol. 236 pp. 1-364
Primary care patient and practitioner views of weight and weight-related discussion Calum Thomas McHale, Anita Helen Laidlaw, Joanne Elizabeth Cecil
BMJ Open 2020 vol. 10
The Wass report John Gillies, Maggie Bartlett, Jon Dowell, Karen Fairhurst, Ken Lawton, Lindsey Pope, Rebecca Ann MacAllister
The British journal of general practice : the journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners 2020 vol. 70
Adherence Anita Helen Laidlaw
2019 pp. 92
An analysis of directly observed weight communication processes between primary care practitioners and overweight patients Calum Thomas McHale, Joanne Elizabeth Cecil, Anita Helen Laidlaw
Patient Education and Counseling 2019 vol. 102 pp. 2214-2222
Cauliflower ear Enis Cezayirli
The Conversation 2019
Identifying variant anatomy during ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia James Simeon Bowness, Katie Turnbull, Alasdair Taylor, Jayne Halcrow, Pavan Raju, Ayman Mustafa, Fraser Chisholm, Ourania Varsou, Calum Grant
British Journal of Anaesthesia 2019 vol. 122 pp. e75-e77
Patient perceptions of their decision to undergo palliative chemotherapy in the Edinburgh Cancer Centre Joanna Bowden, Beth Gwyther, Allan Price, Amanda Swan, Fiona Nussey, Belinda Hacking, Morven Caroline Shearer, Anna Lloyd
Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh 2019 vol. 49 pp. 199-203
Practice educators’ attitudes and perspectives of interprofessional collaboration and interprofessional practice learning for students Veronica O'Carroll, Linda McSwiggan, Martin Campbell
Journal of Interprofessional Care 2019 vol. 33 pp. 414-423
Restoration of damaged dental enamels using nano-scale iron-calcium phosphate minerals and femto-second pulsed near-IR lasers A. D. Anastasiou, S. Strafford, Tom Edwards, M. Malinowski, C Tom A Brown, M. N. Routledge, Andrew Brown, M. S. Duggal, Animesh Jha
3D printing the pterygopalatine fossa Ross Bannon, Shivani Parihar, Yiannis Skarparis, Ourania Varsou, Enis Cezayirli
Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy 2018 vol. 40 pp. 185-191
Feasibility and pilot study of an intervention to support active lifestyles in youth with type 1 diabetes Fiona Mitchell, Louise Margaret Mudie, Kenneth Robertson, John J. Reilly, Alison Kirk
Pediatric Diabetes 2018 vol. 19 pp. 443-449
Foundation Year 2 doctors’ reasons for leaving UK medicine SE Smith, VR Tallentire, L Pope, Anita Helen Laidlaw, J Morrison
BMJ Open 2018 vol. 8
IOC consensus statement Ronald Maughan, Louise M. Burke, Jiri Dvorak, D. Enette Larson-Meyer, Peter Peeling, Stuart M. Phillips, Eric S. Rawson, Neil P. Walsh, Ina Garthe, Hans Geyer, Romain Meeusen, Lucas J. C. van Loon, Susan Margaret Shirreffs, Lawrence L. Spriet, Mark Stuart, Alan Vernec, Kevin Currell, Vidya M. Ali, Richard G. M. Budgett, Arne Ljungqvist, Margo Mountjoy, Yannis P. Pitsiladis, Torbjorn Soligard, Ugur Erdener, Lars Engebretsen
British Journal of Sports Medicine 2018 vol. 52 pp. 439-455
Increasing physical activity levels Gozde Ozakinci, Sharon Ann Carstairs, Rayna Hilary Rogowsky, Kathryn Burns Cunningham, Louise Margaret Mudie, Jo Stevens, Malcolm McTavish, Ian Shield, Frank Sullivan
Medical student resilience Faye Gishen, Siobhan Mary Lynch, Deborah Gill, Saleh Jawad, David Peters
Clinical Teacher 2018 vol. 15 pp. 425-427
Mindfulness-Based Coping with University Life Siobhan Mary Lynch, Marie Louise Gander, Ananda Nahar, Niko Kohls, Harald Walach
SAGE Open 2018 vol. 8
Resin-embedded anatomical cross-sections as a teaching adjunct for medical curricula Fraser Chisholm, Ourania Varsou
Journal of Anatomy 2018 vol. 233 pp. 98-105
Unidimensional scales for fears of cancer recurrence and their psychometric properties Gerald Michael Humphris, Evelyn Dobie Watson, Michael Sharpe, Gozde Ozakinci
Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 2018 vol. 16
Association of human papillomavirus 16 E2 with Rad50-interacting protein 1 enhances viral DNA replication Karen Campos-León, Kalpanee Wijendra, Abida Siddiqa, Ieisha Pentland, Katherine M. Feeney, Rachel Clare Davies, Elliot J. Androphy, Joanna L. Parish
Journal of Virology 2017 vol. 91
Motivations for physical activity in youth with type 1 diabetes participating in the ActivPals project Louise Margaret Mudie, Fiona Mitchell, Kenneth Robertson, Alison Kirk
Practical Diabetes 2017 vol. 34 pp. 151-155
To Mark or not to Mark in a Day. John Philip Winpenny, Katie Lightfoot
Toward interprofessional learning and education Kathryn Ann Steven, Stella Howden, Gary Mires, Iain Rowe, Natalie Lafferty, Amy Arnold, Alison Strath
Medical Teacher 2017 vol. 39 pp. 720-744
Using classic and technology-based methods 
to enhance the student learning experience in histology. Stuart Duncan Morton, Tomasz Cecot, Zubeyde Bayram-Weston, Scott Border, Jenny Ruth Skidmore, Andrew Stephen O'Malley
Journal of Anatomy 2017 pp. 445-486
‘Flipping histology’ – a new approach to integrating anatomical sciences learning. Scott Paterson, Stuart Duncan Morton, Zubeyde Beyram-Weston, Tomasz Cecot, Andrew Stephen O'Malley, Scott Border, Jenny Skidmore
Journal of Anatomy 2017 pp. 165-195
Mindfulness interventions delivered by technology without facilitator involvement James Fish, James Brimson, Siobhan Mary Lynch
Mindfulness 2016 vol. 7 pp. 1011-1023
REFRAME: Resilience training for GPs Siobhan Mary Lynch, Mark Lown, Daghni Rajasingami, David Peters, Damien Ridge, Anna Cheshire, Kate Fismer, Sarah Stewart-Brown, Henry Lewith, Olivery Jagger, George Lewith
InnovAiT 2016 vol. 9
Extensive bone remodelling in the Juvenile Girdles: A new phase of development. Stephen Maclean, Andrew Stephen O'Malley, Craig Cunningham, Sue Black
Clinical Anatomy 2015 vol. 28 pp. 416
Histopathology from the dissecting room: Are cadavers a suitable source of educationally useful histopathology specimens? Andrew Wood, Susan Challoner Whiten, Jill McVee, Jonathan Paul Issberner, David Jackson, C Simon Herrington
Journal of Anatomy 2015 vol. 9 pp. 26 – 33
Mindfulness for Therapists Gerhard Zarbock, Siobhan Mary Lynch, Axel Ammann, Silka Ringer
Functional connectivity magnetic resonance imaging in stroke Ourania Varsou, Mary Joan Macleod, Christian Schwarzbauer
International Journal of Stroke 2014 vol. 9 pp. 191-198
Helping first year MED students adjust to University demands. Maggie Bunting, Jessica Bray, Dominique Hubble, Laura Bowater, John Philip Winpenny
How Clerkship Students Learn From Real Patients in Practice Settings Kathryn Ann Steven, Etienne Wenger, Henny Boshuizen, Albert Scherpbier, Tim Dornan
Academic Medicine 2014 vol. 89
Research into HE students' use of the internet. HEA web residency project. Laura Bowater, John Philip Winpenny, Dominique Hubble
Assessment of Mindfulness Sebastian Sauer, Harald Walach, Stefan Schmidt, Thilo Hinterberger, Siobhan Mary Lynch, Arndt Büssing, Niko Kohls
Mindfulness 2013 vol. 4 pp. 3-17
Enhancing student engagement in student experience surveys Martin Webber, Siobhan Mary Lynch, Jennifer Oluku
Educational Research 2013 vol. 55 pp. 71-86
Exploring new approaches to assessing attitudes and behaviours. Sandra Gibson, John Philip Winpenny
HEA Health Science Newsletter 2012 vol. 1
Injury occurrence and mood states during a desert ultramarathon Mairi McKinley, Connaboy C Chris, Tony Westbury, Julien S Baker, Lon Kilgore, Geraint Florida-James
Clinical journal of sport medicine : official journal of the Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine 2012 vol. 22 pp. 462-6
Dialectics of mindfulness Sebastian Sauer, Siobhan Mary Lynch, Harald Walach, Niko Kohls
Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine 2011 vol. 6
Measuring mindfulness Sebastian Sauer, Harald Walach, Martin Offenbächer, Siobhan Mary Lynch, Niko Kohls
Religions 2011 vol. 2 pp. 693-706
Mindfulness-based coping with university life Siobhan Mary Lynch, Marie Louise Gander, Niko Kohls, Brigitte Kudielka, Harald Walach
Stress and Health 2011 vol. 27 pp. 365-375
The Physiological Society techniques workshops. John Philip Winpenny
Physiology News 2010
Sharps injuries among medical students Ourania Varsou, John S. Lemon, Finlay D. Dick
Occupational medicine-Oxford 2009 vol. 59 pp. 509-511
When Only the Real Thing Will Do: Junior Medical Students' Learning From Real Patients Kathryn Ann Steven, Tim Dornan, Henny Boshuizen, Albert Scherpbier
Medical Education 2009 vol. 43
Stabilization of stalled DNA replication forks by the BRCA2 breast cancer susceptibility protein Mikhail Lomonosov, Shubha Anand, Mahesh Sangrithi, Rachel Clare Davies, Ashok R Venkitaraman
Genes & Development 2003 vol. 17 pp. 3017-22
Did nucleotides or amino acids drive evolutionary conservation of the WT1 +/-KTS alternative splice? Rachel Clare Davies, E Bratt, N D Hastie
Human Molecular Genetics 2000 vol. 9 pp. 1177-83
Identification of WTAP, a novel Wilms' tumour 1-associating protein N A Little, N D Hastie, Rachel Clare Davies
Human Molecular Genetics 2000 vol. 9 pp. 2231-9
Multiple roles for the Wilms' tumor suppressor, WT1 Rachel Clare Davies, A Moore, A Schedl, E Bratt, K Miyahawa, M Ladomery, C Miles, A Menke, V van Heyningen, N Hastie
Cancer Research 1999 vol. 59 pp. 1747s-1750s; discussion 1751s
WT1 interacts with the splicing factor U2AF65 in an isoform-dependent manner and can be incorporated into spliceosomes Rachel Clare Davies, C Calvio, E Bratt, S H Larsson, A I Lamond, N D Hastie
Genes & Development 1998 vol. 12 pp. 3217-25
HPV16 E7 oncoprotein deregulates B-myb expression E W Lam, J D Morris, Rachel Clare Davies, T Crook, R J Watson, K H Vousden
EMBO Journal 1994 vol. 13 pp. 871-8
Human papillomavirus type 16 E7 associates with a histone H1 kinase and with p107 through sequences necessary for transformation Rachel Clare Davies, R Hicks, T Crook, J Morris, K Vousden
Journal of Virology 1993 vol. 67 pp. 2521-8
Human papillomavirus type 16 E7 regulates E2F and contributes to mitogenic signalling J D Morris, T Crook, L R Bandara, Rachel Clare Davies, N B LaThangue, K H Vousden
Oncogene 1993 vol. 8 pp. 893-8
Functional analysis of human papillomavirus type 16 E7 by complementation with adenovirus E1A mutants Rachel Clare Davies, K H Vousden
Journal of General Virology 1992 vol. 73 ( Pt 8) pp. 2135-9
A new polymorphic locus, D7S411, isolated by cloning from preparative pulse-field gels is close to the mutation causing cystic fibrosis M Ramsay, B J Wainwright, M Farrall, X Estivill, H Sutherland, M F Ho, Rachel Clare Davies, S Halford, F Tata, C Wicking
Genomics 1990 vol. 6 pp. 39-47