Dr Wilber Sabiiti has crossed the Nile, the longest river in Africa,  for TWENDE! The river roars like a lion as it descends from the stunning Karuma Falls.

Norah Owagara (CPAR Uganda Ltd) and Wilber have had a productive meeting refining the methodologies for qualitative data collection and making plans for the TWENDE launch conference, which will take place in Arusha, Tanzania on 1st of July 2016. Norah is the expert social scientist on the TWENDE project and is also in charge of organising the TWENDE consortium meetings including the launch event. The TWENDE plan for action have been finalised for all sites and Wilber is ready to  hit the road again for research as soon as TWENDE is officially launched.


 TWENDE (grant number CSA2014-283) is funded by the EDCTP2 programme, which is supported under Horizon 2020, the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation