This time last year, along with a few of my favourite people, I was gearing up to drive to Croatia from the UK. Having not seen much of mainland Europe before, I was mesmerised and I fell in love with more places than I could count. We crossed borders with no indication other than the changing languages on the road signs. I understand the EU is far from a utopian fairyland however I am excited by the diversity and opportunity that lies within it. I don’t know what the future will bring for this ‘independent’ UK and I’m not about to predict it. But, i feel a real sadness in the ugly xenophobia that has been expressed across the country during the course of this referendum. We now sit, wait and watch how this result will affect our people, our politics and our economy. There will be some positive and there will be some negatives and only time will tell how Little Britain will stand on its own two feet. I only hope for just a little more love to be shown, more kindness, more truth and more dignity. #eureferendum #peace #diversity #hope