Mr. Bariki Mtafya (PhD student) and one of his supervisors, Dr Wilber Sabiiti from Gillespie Infection Group recently had a meeting with Dr Yahya Msuya, the regional Tuberculosis (TB) and Leprosy coordinator of Mbeya region, Tanzania. The meeting was held to initiate Bariki’s fieldwork research in Mbeya, Tanzania as part of his PhD under the commonwealth doctoral scholarship. His research work will assess operational feasibility and benefits of molecular bacterial load assay (MBLA) for monitoring the treatment of TB in routine clinical settings.

Dr Yahya Msuya oversees all issues related to TB diagnosis, treatment and overall management of TB patients in the Mbeya region on behalf of the Tanzania National TB and Leprosy Control Programme. He  appreciated the diagnostics and TB treatment monitoring technologies arising from University of St Andrews. He pledged full support to Bariki’s research work to make it a success and be a model for the rest of Tanzania and Africa at large. Dr. Sabiiti said that Bariki’s PhD is very translational answering the real time needs in the diagnosis and treatment of TB. Dr. Msuya concurred and said Bariki’s work will provide valuable information to guide the clinical management approaches of TB in the East African region and the world over.