In Hwang, Cherry Lam, Carly Stodart, Martin Anderson & Ed Saxby



Martin Anderson, Ophthalmology Trainee in NHS Fife, won the best paper prize with ‘Creation of Wide Field Retinal Images from Narrow Field Video Acquired by an Arclight Direct Ophthalmoscope Attached to a Mobile Phone Camera’. This was a collaboration between the Global Health Team based in the School of medicine and the Computer Science Department led by Ognjen Arandjelovic.










Andrew Blaikie & Ellie Dooley a Leeds Medical Student who is intercalating in International Health also presented a poster on an Arclight ‘Red Reflex’ study from Malawi which was ‘highly commended’ by the judges.








Cherry Lam, Andrew Blaikie, Ed Saxby. Ed Saxby, also an Ophthalmology trainee in NHS Fife won the SOC travel bursary prize with his paper on ‘An evaluation of novel ophthalmoscope (Arclight and D-EYE) in telemedicine for use in retinopathy of prematurity screening’. This was a collaborative project with Inae Hwang a final year Medical student from the University of St Andrews. Ed and Inae hope to use the bursary to travel to Nepal with the long-term aim of introducing the Arclight into primary health care for opportunistic diabetic retinopathy screening. Cherry Lam a medical student at the University of St Andrews gave an oral presentation on the results of her final year dissertation; ‘Comparison of two types of variable self adjusting spectacles’.