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A spatially heterogeneous network-based metapopulation software model applied to the simulation of a pulmonary tuberculosis infection Ruth Bowness, Simon Andrew Dobson, Stephen Henry Gillespie
Applied Network Science 2018 vol.3
Modelling the effects of bacterial cell state and spatial location on tuberculosis treatment Ruth Bowness, Mark Andrew Joseph Chaplain, Gibin G. Powathil, Stephen Henry Gillespie
Journal of Theoretical Biology 2018 vol.446 pp.87-100
Project Sanitarium Iain Donald, Karen Meyer, John Brengman, Stephen Henry Gillespie, Ruth Bowness
Journal of Computing in Higher Education 2017 vol.29 pp.599-617
Systems medicine and infection Ruth Bowness
2016 pp.107-118
Project Sanitarium Iain Donald, Karen Meyer, Stephen Henry Gillespie, Ruth Bowness, John Brengman