Research at the University of St Andrews School of Medicine


I use mathematical modelling techniques to model infectious disease spread within the body. I use differential equations and individual-based models to mimic disease progression and simulate novel treatment strategies.

Tuberculosis (TB)

I am currently focused on modelling tuberculosis (TB) infection, with the aim of understanding more about disease relapse. With support from my Medical Research Council (MRC) fellowship, I will enhance the model to enable virtual testing of multiple antibiotics simultaneously, via an integrated pharmakokinetic/pharmcodynamic (PK/PD) model.


Schematic of population percentages of outcomes of TB disease


Although TB has long been preventable and curable, someone still dies from the disease somewhere in the world every eighteen seconds. In 2015 there were 480,000 new cases of multiple-drug-resistant (MDR) TB. Treatment is successful in approximately 50% of cases, and only 20% for extensively-drug-resistant (XDR) TB.