First TWENDE Planning Meeting

First TWENDE Planning Meeting

The TWENDE plan for action meeting begun yesterday at the National Institute of Medical Research-Mbeya Medical Research Centre (NIMR-MMRC). Dr. Wilber Sabiti met with Dr. Nyanda and his team to draw an action plan for TWENDE at NIMR-MMRC. They drew the TWENDE work map...

Wilber’s Latest Whereabouts

This week, Wilber is in Maputo, Mozambique to oversee the start of the new VALIDATE project. Today, he is giving a seminar titled Tuberculosis treatment monitoring: past, present and future at Mozambique’s National Institute of Health.

More Exciting News from Mozambique

Dr. Celso Khosa of Mozambique’s National Institute of Health (MNIH) becomes the 3rd clinician trained on Mycobacterial Treatment Response Assay (MYTRA) after Dr. Margaret Khonga of College of Medicine, University of Malawi, Malawi and Dr. Eoghan Farmer of University...