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Kapit Town, Home 2006 – 2009

People: Cyrus Daneshvar

Cyrus Daneshvar is an NHS consultant in respiratory medicine at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust with special interest in lung cancer and interventional pulmonology. Cyrus graduated from Birmingham University in 1999 and worked for six months in South Africa and Mozambique before completing his general medical training. After a brief period in Malawi and obtaining a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene in London, he joined a Wellcome Trust Funded study on zoonotic malaria in the Malaria Research Centre, University of Malaysia Sarawak. In Sarawak with Balbir Singh and Janet Cox-Singh, Cyrus established a field study site in Kapit Hospital where he recruited malaria patients and produced the first detailed clinical descriptions of Plasmodium knowlesi infections in the human population . In 2013 Cyrus completed his Medical Doctorate on knowlesi malaria, with Janet Cox-Singh, St George’s University of London.

Upon his return from Malaysia, Cyrus trained as a registrar in Respiratory and General internal Medicine in Oxford and spent a year as an interventional pulmonology fellow in Galway University Hospitals, in the West of Ireland. Cyrus maintains a keen interest in malaria and global health alongside his daily work as a respiratory physician. Cyrus is a valued collaborator and clinical advisor on Plasmodium knowlesi malaria in the Cox-Singh group, University of St Andrews.

Consultant respiratory medicine
Department of Respiratory Medicine
Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust



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