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Postdoctoral Position Available in the Cox-Singh Lab

PROJECT: Pathogen exchange at the human-wildlife interface – a comprehensive molecular study on vector-borne disease in rural Sulawesi.

SUMMARY: The rural poor, the wildlife they encounter and the potential exchange of pathogens between humans and wildlife is not known in much of the world, including Sulawesi, yet emerging infections of zoonotic origin that become epidemic and pandemic are feared. This collaborative molecular study, between the University of St Andrews and Hasanuddin University, Sulawesi, focuses on emerging mosquito-borne infections with the fundamental goal to discover pathogen exchange where humans and wild Sulawesi macaques share habitat. The successful applicant will be an integral team member and be involved in field research and cutting-edge genomics and genetics.

DUTIES: In the first year of the study the position holder, Postdoctoral Research Fellow (PDRF) will work with the study team members to prepare, train and be trained in all protocols required for field work (Indonesia and St Andrews). This will involve method development to optimize human, macaque and mosquito sample collections, storage and transport in tropical field conditions – all to comply with GLP and GCP.  Together with the UK PI, the PDRF will be engaged in capacity strengthening and establish a molecular lab in Hasanuddin University. A sustainable training and lab-user program will be introduced in keeping with GLP. Working with the study PI’s and co-investigators the PDRF will co-ordinate all field expeditions in the second year of the study (3 sites – 2 visits each), sample collection, storage and cataloguing according to protocol. The PDRF will supervise sample processing, DNA extraction and genotyping in Hasanuddin University (Year 2 and beginning year 3) and take the lead on sequencing and bioinformatics in the UK from year 2 year.

EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: The successful applicant will join an exciting discovery project that will be underpinned by meticulous field collections, sample preservation and extraction. The material collected is intended for downstream metagenomics and genetics where sample quality is paramount.  Experience in working to GLP in molecular facilities is essential. Generating high quality genetic and genomic data from field/non-laboratory samples and experience in bioinformatic analyses is expected.  Training in specific methodologies will be provided. Some experience in tropical fieldwork, particularly studies involving non-human primates, and working with pathogens would be an advantage. Extensive training for field teams will be given in the first year and sustained throughout the life of the project. 

For informal enquiries contact:
Janet Cox-Singh,
School of Medicine, 
University of St Andrews
Email: jcs26@st-andrews.ac.uk

Formal applications:
Research Fellow: School of Medicine; Ref AR2187SB
Postdoctoral position (PDRA): Grade 6 (pt33), duration 36 months.
Application deadline: 11th March 2019   Start date: 1st April 2019
Minimum academic qualification: PhD.
Funding: MRC-Newton UK-Indonesia Joint Health Research call.

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