Research at the University of St Andrews School of Medicine



Mr Prince Agyirey-Kwakye
Mr Prince Agyirey-Kwakye: Visiting Scholar

Epidemiology and genomic characterisation of Staphylococcus aureus from intravenous drug users
room 234 tel.
Mr Vincent Baron
Mr Vincent Baron: Research Fellow

Mechanisms of Mycobacterium tuberculosis dormancy and gene expression
room 234 - 6.9 tel.
Dr Ruth Bowness
Dr Ruth Bowness: MRC Research Fellow

Mathematically modelling populations of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
room 234 tel. 01334 463564
Dr Winnie Dhaliwal
Dr Winnie Dhaliwal: Teaching Fellow

room 326 tel. 01334 463569
Ms Kerry Falconer
Ms Kerry Falconer: Postgraduate student

room 234 tel.
Prof Stephen Gillespie
Prof Stephen Gillespie: Sir James Black Chair of Medicine

Clinical and molecular biological study of respiratory infection
room 212 tel. 01334 461871
Dr Robert Hammond
Dr Robert Hammond: Industrial Research Fellow

mycobacteria, laser scattering techniques
room 234 - 5.1 tel. 01334 463584
Mr Thomas Powell
Mr Thomas Powell: Research Technician

room 234 tel.
Dr Wilber Sabiiti
Dr Wilber Sabiiti: Senior Research fellow in Medicine

infectious diseases, host-pathogen interaction, tuberculosis
room 316 tel. +44(0)133463603


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