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Heat-inactivation renders sputum safe and preserves Mycobacterium tuberculosis RNA for downstream molecular tests Wilber Sabiiti, Khalide Azam, Ezembro Esmeraldo, Nilesh Bhatt, Andrea Rachow, Stephen Henry Gillespie
Journal of Clinical Microbiology 2019 vol.57
Molecular bacterial load assay (MBLA) concurs with culture on the NaOH-induced Mycobacterium tuberculosis loss of viability Wilber Sabiiti, Issa Sabi, Joseph John, Emanuel Sichone, Nyanda E. Ntinginya, Stephen Henry Gillespie
Journal of Clinical Microbiology vol.Early
OMNIgene.SPUTUM suppresses contaminants whilst maintaining Mycobacterium tuberculosis viability and obviates cold-chain transport Khalide Azam, Nureisha Cadir, Carla Madeira, Stephen Henry Gillespie, Wilber Sabiiti
ERJ Open Research 2018 vol.4
Beyond the numbers Wilber Sabiiti,
East African Health Research Journal 2017 vol.1