Move more month

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Connecting people with local opportunities to get active through exercise prescription   April is “move more” month, an initiative to encourage people to take part in physical activity with the goal of incorporating it into daily routines.   Research into …

15th April 2021 | news

New Chair of Public Health Medicine and Director of the Sir James Mackenzie Institute

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    The School of Medicine is delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Peter D Donnelly as Director of the Sir James Mackenzie Institute for Early Diagnosis and Professor of Public Health Medicine. He brings with him a wealth …

31st March 2021 | news

International public health leader joins St Andrews

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International Public Health leader Dr Mary E Black is to join the School of Medicine at the University of St Andrews as Honorary Professor. As Director of Clinical and Protecting Health for Public Health Scotland, Dr Black most recently advised the …

17th March 2021 | news

International Women’s Day

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International Women’s Day is an occasion to celebrate the achievements and accolades of women across every sector. Women have had an invaluable contribution to the COVID-19 response. Not only has female leadership been widely praised during the pandemic, but the …

8th March 2021 | news

Exercise prescriptions needed to get patients active

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A nation-wide health initiative, that will be rolled out widely in GP practices next year, will only work if formal referrals and prescriptions are used, according to a new study led by the University of St Andrews. Social prescribing is a …

11th December 2020 | news

Young Academy of Scotland

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Dr Gozde Ozakinci has been invited to be a member of RSE Young Academy of Scotland.  As part of this membership, Dr Ozakinci will work on connecting various disciplines with the aim of facilitating signposting and social prescribing activities

29th September 2020 | news

ECLS trial shows reduction in late-stage diagnoses of lung cancer

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Lung cancer affects more than 5000 people every year in Scotland and within a year 4000 have died, usually because the diagnosis is made too late for curative treatment. Now results from the Early detection of Cancer of the Lung …

31st July 2020 | news

Research identifies how doctor-patient interactions can increase physical activity

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Patients are open to have conversations about physical activity programmes in the community to improve their health, if recommended by their doctor, new research led by the University of St Andrews has found. The research, funded by the NHS Fife Endowment …

22nd July 2020 | news

Unlocking the spread of Covid-19

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Medical scientists at the University of St Andrews have joined forces with data scientists Blue Hat Associates to further medical research and understanding about the spread of Covid-19 within the community. How Covid-19 spreads within the community and individual households remains …

11th June 2020 | Covid-19

Funding awarded from the CSO for research into Covid-19

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Researchers from the School of Medicine have been awarded funding from the Government’s Chief Scientist Office following their funding call for for Scottish-led rapid research in Covid-19.   Dr Ruth Bowness will lead Multiscale mathematical model to simulate Covid-19 infection, …

30th April 2020 | Covid-19