Celebrating Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2021

This week is Scottish Apprenticeship Week, an annual celebration of the positive impact work-based learning has on individuals.

The School of Medicine welcomed Rachel Horn in August 2019, becoming the school’s first Modern Apprentice in Business Administration. Rachel began her apprenticeship doing a rotation with different professional service teams within the school administration before moving into her current role of PG Secretary just as COVID-19 hit, and the first stay-at-home order was in place.

Despite the challenges of having to adapt to a new way of working, Rachel has thrived in her role and has called the experience “a challenging yet fulfilling learning experience.”

The programme allows for apprentices to gain experience across all professional service areas – giving an in-depth experience in administration and first-hand experience at how a medical school operates.

Scottish Apprenticeship Week, which runs from 1 to 5 March, is a Skills Development Scotland Initiative. This year’s theme “Business Backing Talent” celebrates businesses that have adapted to challenging times while still providing innovative experiences that allow apprentices to learn, grow and progress.

Learn more about the Scottish Apprenticeship programme.

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