Online Poetry Competition

We are currently accepting submissions for our Online Poetry Competition
– open to staff, students or graduates of any Scottish Medical School.
First prize £250, entry is free.

This poem is part of the Poems for doctors project. You can find out more about the project here.

Season 3 : poem 1

Medical student Ed Griffiths reads The Door by Miroslav Holub.

Tools of the Trade

Miroslav Holub

Go and open the door.
____Maybe outside there’s
____a tree, or a wood,
____a garden,
____or a magic city.

Go and open the door.
____Maybe a dog’s rummaging.
____Maybe you’ll see a face,
or an eye,
or the picture
____of a picture.

Go and open the door.
____If there’s a fog
____it will clear.

Go and open the door.
____Even if there’s only
____the darkness ticking,
____even if there’s only
____the hollow wind,
____even if
____________is there,
go and open the door.

At least
there’ll be
a draught.

Rights: by permission of Bloodaxe Books

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