100 (of 405 /dk/atira/pure/researchoutput/status/published available) for Population and Behavioural Science Division (source: University of St Andrews PURE)
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A cohort study of high maternal Body Mass Index and the risk of adverse pregnancy and delivery outcomes in Scotland Lawrence Doi, Andrew James Williams, Louise Marryat, John Frank
BMJ Open 2020 vol. 10
A controlled pilot trial of a nurse-led intervention (Mini-AFTERc) to manage fear of cancer recurrence in patients affected by breast cancer Calum Thomas McHale, Susanne Cruickshank, Claire Torrens, Jo Armes, Deborah Fenlon, Elspeth Banks, Tom Kelsey, Gerald Michael Humphris
Pilot and Feasibility Studies 2020 vol. 6
Adolescents' Intense and Problematic Social Media Use and Their Well-Being in 29 Countries Maartje Boer, Regina J.J.M. van den Eijnden, M. Boniel-Nissim, Suzy Lai Wong, Jo Inchley, Petr Badura, Wendy M. Craig, I. Gobina, Dorota Kleszczewska, Helena J. Klanšček, Gonneke W.J.M. Stevens
Journal of Adolescent Health 2020 vol. 66 pp. S89-S99
Adolescents’ perceptions of tobacco accessibility and smoking norms and attitudes in response to the tobacco point-of-sale display ban in Scotland Mirte Kuipers, Catherine Best, Michael Wilson, Dorothy Bruce Currie, Gozde Ozakinci, Anne Marie Mackintosh, Martine Stead, Douglas Eadie, Andy MacGregor, Jamie Pearce, Amanda Amos, Sally Haw
Tobacco Control 2020 vol. 29 pp. 348-356
Children and parents’ perspectives on the acceptability of three management strategies for dental caries in primary teeth within the ‘Filling Children’s Teeth: Indicated or Not’ (FiCTION) randomised controlled trial – a qualitative study Sarab El-Yousfi, Nicola P. T. Innes, Richard D. Holmes, Ruth Freeman, Kathryn Burns Cunningham, Elaine McColl, Anne Maguire, Gail V. A. Douglas, Janet E. Clarkson, Zoe Marshman
BMC Oral Health 2020 vol. 20
Clinical decision support systems for opioid prescribing for chronic non-cancer pain in primary care Sheryl Spithoff, Stephanie Mathieson, Frank Sullivan, Qi Guan, Abhimanyu Sud, Susan Hum, Mary Ann O'Brien
Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine 2020 vol. 33 pp. 529-540
Community-based oral health interventions for people experiencing homelessness Laura Beaton, Gerald Michael Humphris, Andrea Rodriguez, R. Freeman
Community Dental Health 2020 vol. 37 pp. 150-160
Cross-National Time Trends in Adolescent Mental Well-Being From 2002 to 2018 and the Explanatory Role of Schoolwork Pressure Alina Cosma, Gonneke W.J.M. Stevens, Gina Martin, Elisa L. Duinhof, Sophie D. Walsh, Irene García-Moya, András Költő, I. Gobina, Natale Canale, Carolina Catunda, Jo Inchley, Margaretha de Looze
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Dental professionals’ experiences of managing children with carious lesions in their primary teeth – a qualitative study within the FiCTION randomised controlled trial Zoe Marshman, Jennifer E. Kettle, Richard D. Holmes, Kathryn Burns Cunningham, Ruth Freeman, Barry J. Gibson, Elaine McColl, Anne Maguire, Gail V. A. Douglas, Janet E. Clarkson, Nicola P. T. Innes
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Drivers of the opioid crisis Sheryl Spithoff, Pamela Leece, Frank Sullivan, Nav Persaud, Peter Belesiotis, Liane Steiner
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Effect on treatment adherence of distributing essential medicines at no charge Navindra Persaud, Michael Bedard, Andrew S. Boozary, Richard H. Glazier, Tara Gomes, Stephen W. Hwang, Peter Jüni, Michael R. Law, Muhammad M. Mamdani, Braden J. Manns, Danielle Martin, Steven G. Morgan, Paul I. Oh, Andrew D. Pinto, Baiju R. Shah, Frank Sullivan, Norman Umali, Kevin E. Thorpe, Karen Tu, Andreas Laupacis,
JAMA Internal Medicine 2020 vol. 180 pp. 27-34
Efficient identification of patients eligible for clinical studies using case-based reasoning on Scottish Health Research register (SHARE) Wen Shi, Tom Kelsey, Frank Sullivan
BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 2020 vol. 20
Enhancing Understanding of Adolescent Health and Well-Being Jo Inchley, Gonneke W.J.M. Stevens, Oddrun Samdal, Dorothy Bruce Currie
Journal of Adolescent Health 2020 vol. 66 pp. S3-S5
Femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery compared with phacoemulsification cataract surgery (FACT) Alexander C. Day, Jennifer Margaret Burr, Kate Bennett, Catey Bunce, Caroline J. Doré, Gary S. Rubin, Mayank A. Nanavaty, Kamaljit S. Balaggan, Mark R. Wilkins,
Ophthalmology 2020 vol. 127 pp. 1012-1019
Handedness and white matter networks Sanja Budisavljevic, Umberto Castiello, Chiara Begliomini
The Neuroscientist 2020
High fear of cancer recurrence in Chinese newly diagnosed cancer patients Xian Luo, Wengao Li, Yuan Yang, Gerald Michael Humphris, Lijuan Zeng, Zijun Zhang, Samradhvi Garg, Bin Zhang, Hengwen Sun
Frontiers in Psychology 2020 vol. 11
Improving Adolescent Health Sanja Budisavljevic, Arsaell Arnarsson, Z. Hamrik, Chris Roberts, Emmanuelle Godeau, Michal Molcho, Martin W. Weber
Journal of Adolescent Health 2020 vol. 66 pp. S9-S11
Improving quality of life through the routine use of the patient concerns inventory for head and neck cancer patients Simon Rogers, Christine Allmark, Fazilet Bekiroglu, Rhiannon Tudor Edwards, Gillon Fabbroni, Robert Flavel, Victoria Highet, Michael W. S. Ho, Gerald Michael Humphris, Terry M. Jones, Owais Khattak, Jeffrey Lancaster, Christopher Loh, Derek Lowe, Cher Lowies, Dominic Macareavy, James Moor, T. K. Ong, A. Prasai, Nicholas Roland, Cherith Semple, Llinos Haf Spencer, Sank Tandon, Steven J. Thomas, Andrew Schache, Richard J. Shaw, Anastasios Kanatas
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Neurocognitive consequences of chronic cannabis use Pedro Figureiredo, Serenella Tolomeo, Douglas Steele, Alexander Mario Baldacchino
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Pharmacogenetics of opioid addiction: are they relevant to young people? Fleur Davey, Alexander Mario Baldacchino
2020 pp. 118-126
Point-of-care tests for urinary tract infections David Fraile Navarro, Frank Sullivan, Amaya Azcoaga-Lorenzo, Virginia Hernandez Santiago
BMJ Open 2020 vol. 10
Primary care patient and practitioner views of weight and weight-related discussion Calum Thomas McHale, Anita Helen Laidlaw, Joanne Elizabeth Cecil
BMJ Open 2020 vol. 10
Psychological basis of obesity Afework Tsegaye, Gyöngyi Kökönyei, Alexander Mario Baldacchino, Róbert Urbán, Zsolt Demetrovics, H.N. Alexander Logemann
2020 pp. 37-44
Rates, causes, place and predictors of mortality in adults with intellectual disabilities with and without Down syndrome Sally-Ann Cooper, Linda Allan, Nicola Greenlaw, Paula McSkimming, Adam Jasilek, Angela Henderson, Colin McCowan, Deborah Kinnear, Craig Melville
BMJ Open 2020 vol. 10
School Satisfaction and School Pressure in the WHO European Region and North America Petra Löfstedt, Irene García-Moya, Maria Corell, Carmen Paniagua, Oddrun Samdal, R. Välimaa, Nelli Lyyra, Dorothy Bruce Currie, Mette Rasmussen
Journal of Adolescent Health 2020 vol. 66 pp. S59-S69
Screening for fear of cancer recurrence Yun-Hsiang Lee, Chan-Chuan Hu, Gerald Michael Humphris, I-Chin Huang, Kai-Lin You, Sin-Yuan Jhang, Jin-Shing Chen, Yeur-Hur Lai
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Severity of negative mood and anxiety symptoms occurring during acute abstinence from tobacco Aldo Alberto Conti, Serenella Tolomeo, Douglas Steele, Alexander Mario Baldacchino
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Social cohesion, mental wellbeing and health-related quality of life among a cohort of social housing residents in Cornwall Andrew James Williams, Kath Maguire, Karyn Morrissey, Tim Taylor, Katrina Wyatt
BMC Public Health 2020 vol. 20
Specialist breast cancer nurses' views on implementing a fear of cancer recurrence intervention in practice Susanne Cruickshank, Emma Steele, Debbie Fenlon, Jo Arnes, Elspeth Banks, Gerald Michael Humphris
Supportive Care in Cancer 2020 vol. 28 pp. 201–210
The impact of the point of sale tobacco display ban on young people in Scotland Sally Haw, Dorothy Bruce Currie, Douglas Eadie, Jamie Pearce, Andy MacGregor, Martine Stead, Amanda Amos, Catherine Best, Michael Wilson, Mark Cherrie, Richard Purves, Gozde Ozakinci, Anne Marie MacKintosh
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Trial Forge Guidance 2 Shaun Treweek, Simon Bevan, Peter Bower, Matthias Briel, Marion Campbell, Jacquie Christie, Clive Collett, Seonaidh Cotton, Declan Devane, Adel El Feky, Sandra Galvin, Heidi Gardner, Katie Gillies, Kerenza Hood, Jan Jansen, Roberta Littleford, Adwoa Parker, Craig Ramsay, Lynne Restrup, Frank Sullivan, David Torgerson, Liz Tremain, Erik von Elm, Matthew Westmore, Hywel Williams, Paula R Williamson, Mike Clarke
Trials 2020 vol. 21
"It all needs to be a full jigsaw, not just bits" Niall Anderson, Gozde Ozakinci
BMC Psychology 2019 vol. 7
A randomised, controlled, observer-masked trial of corneal cross-linking for progressive keratoconus in children Kashfia Chowdhury, Caroline Dore, Jennifer Margaret Burr, Catey Bunce, Mathew Raynor, Matthew Edwards, Daniel F. P. Larkin
BMJ Open 2019 vol. 9
A roadmap for integrating neuroscience into addiction treatment Antonio Verdejo-Garcia, Valentina Lorenzetti, Victoria Manning, Hugh Piercy, Raimondo Bruno, Rob Hester, David Pennington, Serenella Tolomeo, Shalini Arunogiri, Marsha E. Bates, Henrietta Bowden-Jones, Salvatore Campanella, Stacey B. Daughters, Christos Kouimtsidis, Dan I. Lubman, Dieter J. Meyerhoff, Annaketurah Ralph, Tara Rezapour, Hosna Tavakoli, Mehran Zare-Bidoky, Anna Zilverstand, Douglas Steele, Scott J. Moeller, Martin Paulus, Alexander Mario Baldacchino, Hamed Ekhtiari
Frontiers in Psychiatry 2019 vol. 10 pp. 1-23
Agreement between primary care and hospital diagnosis of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder Braden O’Neill, Sumeet Kalia, Babak Aliarzadeh, Rahim Moineddin, Wai Lun Alan Fung, Frank Sullivan, Asmaa Maloul, Steven Bernard, Michelle Greiver
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An analysis of directly observed weight communication processes between primary care practitioners and overweight patients Calum Thomas McHale, Joanne Elizabeth Cecil, Anita Helen Laidlaw
Patient Education and Counseling 2019 vol. 102 pp. 2214-2222
Antiviral treatment for Bell’s palsy (Idiopathic facial paralysis) Ildikó Gagyor, Vishnu Madhok, Fergus Daly, Frank Sullivan
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Associations between perceived social and physical environmental variables and physical activity and screen time among adolescents in four European countries J. Bucksch, J. Kopcakova, Jo Inchley, P. J. Troped, G. Sudeck, D. Sigmundova, H. Nalecz, Alberto Borraccino, F. Salonna, Z. Dankulincova Veselska, Z. Hamrik
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Automated screening for distress Rajib Rana, Saddique Latif, Raj Gururajan, Anthony Gray, Geraldine Mackenzie, Gerald Michael Humphris, Jeff Dunn
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Buprenorphine/naloxone and methadone opioid replacement therapy Brian Kidd, Charlotte Renwick, Steve Parrott, Keith Matthews, Alexander Mario Baldacchino
Journal of Addiction & Addictive Disorders 2019 vol. 6
Choosing Wisely Canada campaign associated with less overuse of thyroid testing Kimberly Wintemute, Michelle Greiver, Warren McIsaac, M. Elisabeth Del Giudice, Frank Sullivan, Babak Aliarzadeh, Sumeet Kalia, Chris Meaney, Rahim Moineddin, Alexander Singer
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Cognitive consequences of opioid use Alexander Mario Baldacchino, Douglas Steele, Fleur Davey, Serenella Tolomeo
Communication skills training for the radiotherapy team to manage cancer patients’ emotional concerns Mara Myrthe van Beusekom, Josie Cameron, Carolyn Bedi, Elspeth Banks, Gerald Michael Humphris
BMJ Open 2019 vol. 9
Country-level gender equality and adolescents' contraceptive use in Europe, Canada and Israel M De Looze, A Spriggs Madkour, T Huijts, N Moreau, Candace Currie
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Craving in opioid use disorder Johan Kakko, Hannu Alho, Alexander Mario Baldacchino, Rocio Molina, Felice Alfonso, Gabriel Shaya
Frontiers in Psychiatry 2019 vol. 10
Dental anxiety, communication and the dental team Ruth Freeman, Gerald Michael Humphris
Journal of the California Dental Association 2019 vol. 47 pp. 495-500
Developing the International Association for Communication in Healthcare (EACH) to address current challenges of health communication Sara Rubinelli, Jonathan Silverman, Karolien Aelbrecht, Myriam Deveugele, Arnstein Finset, Gerald Michael Humphris, Peter Martin, Marcy Rosenbaum, Sandra van Dulmen, Evelyn van Weel-Baumgarten
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Differences in boys’ and girls’ attachment to pets in early-mid adolescence Janine Claire Muldoon, Joanne M. Williams, Candace Currie
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Do country-level environmental factors explain cross-national variation in adolescent physical activity? A multilevel study in 29 European countries Dominic Weinberg, Gonneke W. J. M. Stevens, Jens Bucksch, Jo Inchley, Margaretha de Looze
BMC Public Health 2019 vol. 19
Do social support and eating family meals together play a role in promoting resilience to bullying and cyberbullying in Scottish school children? Richard J. Shaw, Dorothy Bruce Currie, Gillian S. Smith, Judith Brown, Daniel J. Smith, Jo Inchley
SSM - Population Health 2019 vol. 9
Do statins have an effect on depressive symptoms? A systematic review and meta-analysis Megha Sai Yatham, Kavya Sai Yatham, Arun V. Ravindran, Frank Sullivan
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Domains of spirituality and their associations with positive mental health Valerie Michaelson, Nathan King, Jo Inchley, Dorothy Bruce Currie, Fiona Brooks, William Pickett
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Effects of antiplatelet therapy on stroke risk by brain imaging features of intracerebral haemorrhage and cerebral small vessel diseases Rustam Al-Shahi Salman, David P. Minks, Dipayan Mitra, Mark A. Rodrigues, Priya Bhatnagar, Johann C. du Plessis, Yogish Joshi, Martin Dennis, Gordon D. Murray, David E. Newby, Peter A.G. Sandercock, Nikola Sprigg, Jacqueline Stephen, Cathie Sudlow, David J. Werring, Will Whiteley, Joanna Wardlaw, Philip M. 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