Tanzanian Endemic Optic Neuropathy

Dr Blaikie coordinated an inaugural meeting of the TEON Research Group. The meeting took place in March 2017 at the International Centre for Eye Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in London.

6th April 2017 | Export

Poster Prize

Jen Kuan and Barrie Lyell have recently won a prize for their poster at the Scottish Ophthalmology Club.

28th February 2017 | Export

Scottish Ophthalmology Club Prize

Rebecca Blundell, a student on the BSc International Health at the University of Dundee, supervised by Dr Andrew Blaikie, has recently won first prize for her presentation at the Scottish Ophthalmology Club

28th February 2017 | Export

Arclight at IAPB, Durban

Rebecca Blundell, a University of Dundee International Health BMSc student presented her work on evaluation of the Arclight in Malawi at the International Association of Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) meeting in Durban. Rebecca attended the meeting along with her co-supervisor …

23rd January 2017 | Export

Arclight – a medical revolution

The Arclight is a revolutionary pocket-sized device which could help save the sight of millions of people around the world.

12th January 2017 | Export

History of ophthalmoscopy review

Sahib Tuteja, a former student, has recently had a review paper published on the history of ophthalmoscopy and the new innovative pocket sized direct Arclight ophthalmoscope in this month’s Eye News.

22nd December 2016 | Export

Summer Project Presentation

Third year medical students Jen Kuan and Barrie Lyell recently presented the results of their summer project from Malawi at the East of Scotland Postgraduate Teaching session at Queen Margaret Hospital, Dunfermline.

20th December 2016 | Export

Arclight: a pocket ophthalmoscope for the 21st century

Dr Andrew Blaikie and colleagues discuss the Arclight ophthalmoscope in the Christmas Edition of the BMJ.

15th December 2016 | Export

Distribution and Education Exercise in Central Region, Malawi, March 2015

Dr Andrew Blaikie and Mr William J Williams visited the central region of Malawi in March 2015. In collaboration with the national eye coordinator, the department for non-communicable diseases and local ENT and Eye Care providers 600 Arclights were distributed …

13th December 2016 | Export

Childhood Visual Impairment Lecture

Dr Andrew Blaikie, recently delivered an invited lecture on Childhood Visual Impairment to sensory support teachers at the Scottish Sensory Centre in the University of Edinburgh.

5th December 2016 | Export