Research Interviews: Dr Robert Hammond – Infection

Dr Robert Hammond talks about innovations in methods for testing bacteria for drug susceptibility.

8th March 2017 | videos

Research Interviews: Dr Maciej Antkowiak – Medical Biophotonics

Dr Maciej Antkowiak talks about his research work on Medical Biophotonics

30th May 2016 | news

Research Interviews: Dr Silvia Paracchini – The Genetics of Dyslexia

Dr Silvia Paracchini discusses her work on the genetics of dyslexia

1st February 2016 | videos

Research Interviews: Dr Matthew Holden – Bacterial Genomics

Dr Matthew Holden talks about his research work on Bacterial Genomics

29th January 2016 | videos

Research Interviews: Dr Gozde Ozakinci – Health Psychology

Dr Gozde Ozakinci talks about her research work in Health Psychology

29th December 2015 | videos

Research Interviews: Dr Bernadette O’Hare – Global Health

Dr Bernadette O'Hare discusses her work in Global Health and her work in the paediatric department in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Malawi.

1st August 2015 | videos

Curriculum Development in Malawi

This film shows the development of a new science degree in Malawi.

30th January 2015 | videos

Illicit Financial Flows – Death and Taxes

This film explains how developing countries are losing financial resources through illicit flows such as tax avoidance.

30th January 2015 | videos

Technology infrastructure project with the Malawi College of Medicine

A short film that looks at the transformation of medical teaching in Malawi.

1st November 2014 | videos