HEA workshop for those interested in Fellowship opportunities

To help aid in the School of Medicine’s mission of continuous development for staff involved in teaching, an Advance HE Fellowship workshop was held on May 4 to help those interested in taking the next step in teaching and applying for a Fellowship.  


The Advanced HE Fellowship program is to recognise those who meet professional standards of teaching in Higher Education on a regular basis. The program is open to anyone to apply and consists of four Fellowship levels, Associate, Fellowship, Senior and Principal. Recognition at this level is for individuals who demonstrate a personal and institutional commitment to professionalism in learning and teaching in higher education.  


The workshop, attended by 12 members of staff, explored what the fellowship is about, provided support to individuals who are considering submitting an application and peer to peer learning for those applying for the same fellowship pathway.  


For the School of Medicine, this workshop represents the continued support and training available to staff for continuous development and overall commitment to ensuring a high quality of education.  


This workshop exists as part of a wide array of training and development programs that are offered by the University.