New St. Andrews graduate hopes to continue learning journey

Another graduate from St. Andrews School of Medicine is set to virtually “cross the stage” this Friday.  Quenton Hurst, is the newest graduate with a master’s in molecular medicine. Following a year navigating the dynamics of online learning in the …

1st July 2021 | cmed

Feel the beat: implanted microlasers scan heart from inside

Leading an interdisciplinary team of scientists, Dr Samantha Pitt of the School of Medicine and Dr Marcel Schubert and Professor Malte Gather of the School of Physics at the University of St Andrews, embedded tiny lasers into individual heart cells, and …

22nd June 2020 | cmed

International Society for Zinc Biology 2019 meeting and Kyoto Lab Visit

3rd year BHF-funded PhD student Amy Dorward (Pitt lab) and Dr Gavin Robertson (PDRA; Pitt lab) visited Prof Hiroshi Takeshima’s lab at the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Science, Kyoto University, Japan between 9th August – 14th September 2019. During this …

10th October 2019 | cmed

Zinc-net meeting

The Metal Ions in Medicine team recently attended the 2019 Zinc-net meeting in Cambridge, UK.

25th January 2019 | news

BHF Parliamentary reception

3rd year PhD student Gavin Robertson was invited to attend a British Heart Foundation Parliamentary reception held at Westminster.

24th November 2017 | news

BHF at the Dundee Science Festival

Our British Heart Foundation funded students Gavin Robertson, Amy Dorward and Amelie Sobczak took part in the 2017 Dundee Science festival hosted by the BHF.

10th November 2017 | news

Action Medical Research Project

A new collaborative project by Dr Silvia Paracchini and Dr Samantha Pitt will start in November.

3rd October 2017 | news

Visit to Cardiff University

Ben Reilly O'Donnell recently visited the lab of Dr. Emyr Lloyd-Evans at Cardiff University.

30th May 2017 | news

BHF and MSPs visit

On the 24th March three local MSPs, together with representatives from the British Heart Foundation were in St Andrews to hear about the cutting-edge cardiovascular research being carried out in the School of Medicine.

24th March 2017 | news

Award of JSPS Summer programme 2017

Current third-year PhD student, Gavin Robertson, has been awarded one of ten UK places on the Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS) Summer programme 2017.

13th March 2017 | news