RSE Announces new Fellows

Dr Silvia Paracchini has been announced as one of the new Fellows of the RSE.

1st March 2019 | news

Cafe Scientifique

Dr Silvia Paracchini recently discussed her research at the Café Scientifique group in Pitlochry.

15th February 2019 | news

GapSummit 2019

Filippo Abbondanza, 1st year PhD student has been selected for the ‘Leader of Tomorrow’ programme at the GapSummit 2019.

5th February 2019 | news

Explorathon 2018

The Neurogenetics group took part to EXPLORATHON 2018 during the European Researchers Night.

3rd October 2018 | news

6th North Sea Laterality Conference

The Neurogentics group was well represented at the recent NorthSea Laterality conference held in Dundee.

4th September 2018 | news

From lab bench to front bench

Stephen Gethins MP, visited the School of Medicine recently as part of a the pairing scheme run by The Royal Society.

8th June 2018 | cmed

Public Engagement – Why are some people left handed?

Dr Silvia Paracchini has been successful in securing funding from the Royal Society for a project titled 'Why are some people left handed?'.

29th March 2018 | news

Visit to Westminster

As part of The Royal Society's Pairing Scheme, Dr Silvia Paracchini spent her week in Westminster between 4th and 7th December.

8th January 2018 | news

From Lab Bench to Backbench

Dr Silvia Paracchini will be swapping a lab coat for legislation when she visits Stephen Gethins at the House of Commons for a week in Westminster.

4th December 2017 | news

Action Medical Research Project

A new collaborative project by Dr Silvia Paracchini and Dr Samantha Pitt will start in November.

3rd October 2017 | news