St Andrews study suggests zinc could be key to new diabetes treatments

Researchers at the University of St Andrews say a greater understanding of how zinc is handled in our body could lead to improved treatments for people with diabetes. The team of scientists, funded by the British Heart Foundation (BHF), have …

1st March 2021 | cmed

Heart Matters

Could fat in your bloodstream cause blood clots?

30th October 2018 | news

2018 Trace Elements in Biology and Medicine – FASEB

Dr Samantha Pitt was invited to present her work at the meeting and gave a talk entitled “Cardiac dysfunction and the role of zinc in sarcoplasmic reticulum remodelling”.

13th June 2018 | news

Prizewinner at Zinc-UK/ZincNet Conference

Congratulations to Amélie Sobczak from the Stewart lab who won a poster prize at the Zinc-UK/ZincNet conference, which took place at the Centre for Experimental Medicine at Queen’s University Belfast.

24th November 2016 | news

Collaboration with University of Virginia

“Here’s How Your Body Transports Zinc to Protect Your Health" relates to the work of Dr Alan Stewart's lab and their collaborative work with Prof. Wladek Minor, Dr Maksymilian Chruszcz and Dr Claudia Blindauer.

3rd November 2016 | news