VALIDATE: New research contract

OMSPDcontentsWe are delighted to announce the signing of a research contract between the University of St. Andrews and DNA Genotek Inc.

VALIDATE stands for: eVAluating the utiLity of OMNIgene®•SPUTUM for sputum lIquefaction, DecontAminaTion & prEservation.

The research will evaluate the effectiveness of a novel kit for processing sputum from Tuberculosis (TB) patients with a view of simplifying TB diagnosis.

The kit OMNIgene®•SPUTUM is three-in-one: it liquefies sputum and kills non-TB organisms while preserving the viability of Mycobacterium tuberculosis thus increasing the accuracy of downstream diagnostic procedures for TB. This work will be done in partnership with Mozambique’s National TB reference laboratory, which is part of the Maputo-based National Institute of Health (MNIH).