The quarterly GA met again by teleconference on 10th February 2021. Excellent attendance again from all the sites, the consortium also welcomed Dr Bruno Sunguya recently appointed Independent Ethics advisor to the meeting.
Capacity Development
The GA ratified the funding for the capacity development workstreams, work will now commence on the 4 workstreams:
• Workstream 1 – Personal development, grant writing, mentorship and financial management
• Workstream 2 – Microbiology, Biomarkers & Laboratory support
• Workstream 3 – Operation research & clinical trials
• Workstream 4 – Community Engagement, Measurement & Evaluation

The SimpliciTB Annual Year 1 periodic report was approved by EDCTP on 18th December 2020
SimpliciTB will feature alongside the PanACEA virtual meeting to be held in June 2021.