Research at the University of St Andrews School of Medicine


The Arclight is a low cost diagnostic tool which can be used to screen for conditions in the eyes and ears.  

Key features

  • Low cost
  • Uses an LED as its illuminant
  • Solar powered
  • USB chargable
  • Light weight
  • A combination of Opthalmoscope and Otoscope in one

Using an LED and solar panel, the device immediately solves problems that can arise from using traditional diagnostic tools such as the Ophthalmoscope and Otoscope which rely on a supply of consumable batteries and bulbs. The convenient small and light-weight device can hang on a lanyard and charge naturally while it is not in use. 

The majority of cases of preventable blindness and deafness occur in countries where access to diagnostic tools is lowest. The challenges of getting devices into the hands of health-care workers in these regions include the high initial cost and the need for consumable supplies to maintain devices. The Arclight overcomes these challenges and is as effective for identifying the signs of the most common causes of blindness and deafness. 

The Global Health team in St Andrews have supported the development of the Arclight through research and helping to train health-care workers in a variety of settings to use the device.